The mission of CIS International School of Tunis is to shape the leaders of tomorrow
through a world class education using an English based curriculum. 

Our methodology is to create a nurturing environment where students can:
 Strive and flourish to achieve their fullest potential in every area of their life.
 Take responsibility for their own learning and that of others.
 Being passionate about what they do, so they become excellent in whatever profession
they choose.
 Be creative, looking for solutions where other people might see problems
 Be intellectually curious and emotionally intelligent.   
 Take a proactive and essential part in the development and improvement of our
community. We believe that the best way our students can develop their leadership skills is
by giving them responsibilities in our school through student associations, voluntary work
and outreach activities where they can grow and develop as effective leaders. 
 Lead healthy, active, balanced lives
To achieve this mission, we will:
 Use student-centred teaching models and an international curriculum focused on
pedagogical integrity and inquiry based practice.
 Differentiate learning by acknowledging the level of each student and the use of multiple
teaching strategies accordingly.
 Establish authentic partnership and communication channels with parents/guardians and
the wider school community.
 Continuously evaluate, improve and monitor the quality of learning environment, instruction
materials, curriculum and teaching staff.