Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is the governing body of the CIST. 

Members of the Board of Governors are:

  • One Individual elected by shareholders with majority.
  • One teacher elected by school staff,
  • One parent elected by arents,
  • CEO of the company (ex-officio)
  • Principal of the school (ex-officio)
  • One individual assigned by the chairman of the Board to serve as secretary( with noright to vote)

The Board Roles are:

  • Creation and adoption of a shared vision and mission
  • Accountability to measure and communicate how well the vision is being accomplished
  • Ensure that the school complies with accreditation requirements

The Board responsiblities are to:

  • Create a peaceful learning environment for students.
  • Create a constructive work environment for the staff.
  • Improve and maintain facilities of the school.
  • Ensure that the facilities of the school meet international educational standards and operational needs.
  • Enter into any agreement with any Government Authority or any other body which it considers necessary or desirable to secure the continuation of the school.
  • Ensure the smooth daily operation and order of the school.
  • Ensure that the local and international community informed about the school and keep itself and the CIST members informed about the needs and wishes of the public.
  • Hire the Principal and delegating the authority to monitor and maintain smooth operation of the school.
  • Approve to outsource services including but not limited to janitorial, catering and groundkeeper service.
  • Develop, review and approve all school policies to achieve the CIST mission.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of its policies and their implementation.
  • Act as a court of appeals for the staff members, students, and other college community members when issues involve Board policies and the appeal procedure includes the Board as final decision maker.
  • Approve the tuition fee structure of the school.
  • Approve the school budget and provide financial leadership to the school.
  • Determine compensation, and working conditions of all staff including salary scales and other benefits.
  • Propose infrastructure budget and capital plans.
  • Ensure that there is a current strategic plan in place with corresponding mission, vision, core values and strategic goals.
  • Ensure that the school pursue, receive and maintain accreditation that promote international education.
  • Evaluate the performance of the principal and school management in meeting the objective of the school’s Strategic Plan.
  • Support the Principal to ensure compliance with the policies developed by the Board.