Application Process

1.Parent/Guardian will fill the application form and provide:

a.Completed application form

b.4 passport size photograph (3 cm * 4 cm)

c. Passport photocopy (for applicants other than Tunisian Nationality)

d. National ID card photocopy (for applicants with Tunisian Nationality)

e.Official transcript from previous school (if applicable)


2. Applicant will take English and Mathematics proficiency test if applicable (for

students who are applying grade 3 and onward)

3. Registrar may conduct interview to determine the skills and capacity of the


4. Registrar will present the application together with his/her report to the

principal or assigned vice principal.

5. The principal and/or assigned vice principal will invite applicant for the final


6. The principal and/or assigned vice principal may request further educational or

psychological evaluations, educational documents, parent meeting, additional

interview, etc. if he/she deems necessary.

7. The principal and/or assigned vice principal will offer a place or record the

applicant’s name into waiting list if the application is accepted.

8. Registrar will call the accepted applicants listed in waiting list with following the

priority criteria and order in waiting listed.


9. Parent/guardian of the accepted applicant will pay the required fees if there is

available seat for the accepted applicant.

10.Registrar will register the applicant as a student to the CIST

11.Registrar will provide welcome letter and student/parent handbook to the


12.Registered student will take French and Arabic placement test.

13.Registrar will inform relevant parties about registration, English, Arabic and

French level of the student.

14.Principal or assigned vice principal will place registered student to the relevant

class, Arabic and French program.